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Updated: Feb 22

Just for Today......when a thought or action feels negative or upsetting to you....Say to yourself.." In My New Life" I choose to respond differently to this situation. You and only you can decide how you want to think or react to any situation in your life. No one else can do that for you and no one else take that responsibility.

Just for This Moment on This Day...know that challenging and painful events will happen in this life, it is part of our learning experience.. but you and only you decide how you will react and learn from those experiences.


If we have eternity.. what are we in a hurry for? Many of us have been taught that this physical life we are in now is the only one and the only chance to "get it right". If we get it "Wrong" then we are damned to an eternal place that is fiery and hot with eternal anguish and suffering. My personal experience as a psychic and medium and past life regressionist is that we live many lifetimes in the physical and many lifetimes on spirit side.

Whenever they leave their current physical lifetime, people and animals alike cross over to spirit side where there is no time. My ancestors and friends on spirit side are in various stages of growth just like they were in the physical, but they are given a much broader opportunity in spirit to see things more clearly and from a broader perspective. There are some that are still working through anger and resentment, but they are not in any kind of so-called "Hell" for eternity, but perhaps a similar self imposed Hell just as they were in the physical. Eternity is eternity and therefore there is never a finite stopping off place, it is a continuous experience.

All of us see some people doing things in this life that according to the laws of the universe are terrible. Life is eternal and they will learn their mistakes one day. It might take them many many lifetimes in the physical and in spirit to wake up and see it, but they have "all the time in the world", because life is infinite.

Does that mean that it is okay for people to do terrible things? No, we have been given an indescribable and amazing gift by The Creator who is love, love so great and so vast that we can only grasp a fragment of what that is. Terrible actions are against love and there is great pain and suffering created by these things. Love is receptive and it draws us to it, because we are from it and part of it. Every destructive action affects all of us, because we are ONE and we are all related. We all come from the same source. We are it. Every destructive action against The Creator, against Love, hurts us all and holds us all back to different degrees.

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